My promise

I will always be honest in all my communications with you.

If I cannot help I will try and find someone who can.

I will always listen to provide the design you ask for.

Your Information

I will protect your information by following the Data Protection Act guidelines. I will not share your personal information with others without asking. In showing my work that has your personal information on I will blur out or delete details.

Any personal details or passwords given to access and update websites will be kept strictly confidential. Personal details kept on paper will be shredded, see my green policy below.

If you are a business I may share your details without asking but only to people who I think might benefit from your service. If you say something nice about my work I may use it as a testimonial on my website or blog.

All the work I do and information I have for you is only accessible to me under a password protected profile.
I do not believe in pushy sales techniques.

I will not cold call. I may email your business if I think you might find my services useful. I will not contact you more than twice after your/my initial enquiry, if you do not wish to continue.

I will not ask you to like, recommend, promote anything of mine. I will be extremely grateful if you do though.


I try not to use cookies on this website or in the creation of customer websites. Some may appear in order to make the website work. No personal data is collected.

Disabling cookies

You can stop cookies being downloaded on to your computer or other device by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser.

There is more information about how to delete or stop using cookies on the About Cookies website. If you wish, you can also opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics.

My Information

All designs are automatically covered by copyright law and should not be found elsewhere, without prior written permission.

With the exception of social media sharing sites, which should link back to this website.

Some of my work such as the ambigrams are free to use but remain my designs and the only person who should be making money out of them is me.

Copyright of logo designs will go to the client it is designed for, but I retain the right of the original design and to use to promote my services.

Being Green

Where possible I will recycle all materials I use, including ink cartridges. Paper with personal details will be shredded and fed to my wormery.

I don't print emails and try to keep financial transactions electronic. Invoices will be sent and kept electronically where possible.

All other paper is recycled through the council recycling services. Ink Cartridges are sent back to the manufacturers recycling department.

Keeping you green

I offer many digital services which can replace paper options. I can advise on the best way to show your information in the most sustainable way. Print designs I produce will not have an excess of white space.


I will endeavour to make sure that my designs follow the Disability Discrimination Act.

Designs will have good contrast and small print will be minimised or not used. Jargon will be explained or not used.

I do specialise in working for small businesses and individuals, so medium and large businesses may get turned away or redirected to another business.

I will not make fun of or make you feel stupid if you don't know what I am talking about. Please feel free to ask anything.

Websites should be able to be viewed on most devices and browsers, descriptive text tags will be present on all images. Sites are usually designed so that text will enlarge and shrink depending on your computer settings (fluid layout).