Who am I?

Hi my name is Rachel Nelson. I'm a bit of a hermit due to my introverted nature. I live in Kent, the garden of England, at the foot of the North Downs, an area of outstanding beauty. (AOAB) It's a beautiful place to live. I spend a good hour every day walking my mental collie cross, and trying taking photos.

My partner and I work together on projects, to be lasercut and engraved. Under the brand Gararune. My partner is a computer security expert and will often help me solve my problem-code for fun.

My other great passion is Karate and I'm really into the mind, body and spirit philosophy of it. People frequently underestimate me, I am a lot stronger than I look. From this I understand that it is more important that something works, than how it looks, but good clean presentation makes things to see.

At work

I am primarily a print designer with over 12 years experience of designing for County Council Libraries & Archives publications, adhering to style guides and disability regulations.

Recently I did a brief stint as a care worker for adults with special needs. I really enjoyed working with the residents, but the responsibility of keeping them safe, I couldn't switch off from. Seriously, Care workers deserve far more than the basic wages.

I prefer to avoid small talk and will get straight to the heart of the project. I love to research and learn new things, to give you something original and tailored to you.

At Home

I am a bit of a Geek and will look up anything in depth, that interests me. Just wish I could recall it at will, so I journal and write many notes.

The garden is my mental health haven, I particularly like pruning and weeding, which seems to be neverending! There are always interesting things to photograph.

Since my brother and his family moved to Ireland, I have been learning Irish. It's incredibly hard, but not as hard as Japanese which I started learning to better understand my karate teminology.

At Play

As a Karateka, I have worked hard both physically and mentally to be the person I am today. I have been rewarded with a Nidan in a Wado/Goju style and I am now learning Uechi, which is so similar, yet so different. I blog infrequently at tigerlilymartialart

I really like finding out what symbols, mean and represent. So much work goes into them. Being an introvert who struggles socially, I will spend many hours reading about psychology, and personality profiling systems. When I was a child I delved deep into astrology and used create everyone's birth profile. I still do dip back into this from time.

The escapist in me loves to watch sci-fi and fantasy, especially if there is some literal ass-kicking by a female lead. However, I really dislike time travel storylines and I haven't seen Game of Thrones, what I've seen so far doesn't appeal.