If you need a logo or a set of symbols designed. Want a personalised promotional illustration or a social media image. I can create something original for you.

Get old photos scanned and fixed. I can resize and add to photos for social media profiles.


Logos & Monograms

I have a passion for creating logos, especially after working with some of the busiest logos around.

If you would like me to design a logo for you, I will create something without using clipart. I will research other designs in your industry and area to produce something different to stand out but similar enough to fit in with your product or service area.


Are you getting married? I could create a custom logo or monogram based on your names or interests. Monograms will be completely customised, not just your initials in a nice font combined. Take a look at my Ambigram names page as well.


Price for sole traders, individuals, couples and partnerships £50



From wedding table plans to social media icons to service specific icons. I can create a set of unique and matching designs that fit with your business brand or wedding theme.


Case Studies

Click on the small detail image to read about each graphic.


Nikki photographer logo thumbnail  Gara Rune couple logo thumbnail Donna and Phil couple logo thumbnail  R and K couple logo thumbnail Kent Libraries simple pleasures and plot to page graphics thumbnail  Kent Libraries Launchpad Alien graphic thumbnail  Dartford Library's 90th logo thumbnail  Environment jobs logo Thumbnail