May 2011

Karate flyer and poster


Improve the client’s existing flyer (top left) to a clearer design with more impact.  Design a matching poster to be eye-catching and printed large. Use red, black and white. Could use images from the Shi Zen Do Association’s website.



I did some research on existing publicity on the web for ideas. Many designs were overly fussy with too much information, which goes against the whole ethos of the art. The client’s flyer was similar to this and repeated much of the information. Nearly all the designs had a black belt on the front. Since this is a new club for the association I thought using an image of a red belt would be good for attracting beginners. Plus it picked up on the red text. The photo is a really good pose and technically the stance is very good, so it says standards are high at a low level. I’ve brightened the belt to match the red text.


I don’t usually recommend having text in red, capitals, bold and italic, but this was one case where breaking the rules works. It is red as that is the accent colour. It is capitals because Shi Zen Do is actually three words, but they have modernised or should I say westernised into one word, so it looks better all in capitals. It is bold to make it look hard to hit, but also italic as if it is leaning away from the intent of the student.


Unfortunately we couldn’t get the photo in a good enough resolution for printing, so we had to use a new one. This changed some of my rationale and meant I had to alter the layout. The times of the classes had also been revised with an adult class added at a new venue.



Flyer was set in word 2 to an a4 so client could update and print themselves. I suggested they print on semi-gloss paper, available in most shops that sell printer paper. Poster was set on a3 in Illustrator so that the client could take to a local print copy shop. Client took the PDFs to a local copy shop.


Follow-up work

Client has used the flyer elements to create a nice handbook for the students. It follows the same style as the flyer and poster.

  Karate flyer and poster

Karate poster and flyer revised