February 2011

Movie poster style invitation and
hollywood star placecards


This was a personal exercise to create a sample design to showcase possible unusual ideas for wedding invitations and themes. It is the sort of thing my partner and I would have. Design an invite in the style of a movie poster with the couple as the leading actors and the venue as one of the main images. Design matching placecards similar to the Hollywood stars that are set in the pavement.



Really the invite was just an idea I wanted to try and I needed some samples that I could take with me to a wedding fair. The layout is copied directly from an existing movie poster. Obviously all the wording and images are different. The stars again are a direct layout copy from the stars embedded in the pavement in Hollywood. The only difference is where there is usually a film camera symbol or TV symbol, I have put an icon that is relevant to the person. eg scissors for a guest who is a hairdresser, a crayon for the bride (me the artist), a computer for the groom, swimmer for a swimming pool manager, books for schoolteacher, and tools for another guest who has been fixing up his house for several years now. They could be used in three different ways depending on the table set-up.



Invite was printed 2 to a4 on semi-gloss photo paper and the stars were printed on gold inkjet foil. I bought the gold and silver inkjet sheets from WHSmiths.

  Movie poster style wedding invite