January 2008

Women in Kent booklet

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Collate all of the document images supplied from Kent’s archive collection with the transcripts and introduction text into a readable and attractive a4 booklet. Needs to be designed for an audience that will buy it.



I decided on double page spreads for each woman and to work everything else around that. This meant I had to make sure each woman started on a left-hand page. As the document is quite text heavy, I decided I needed to break up the text somehow. I picked an element of a piece of clipart scroll work and then chose an interesting piece of the relevant text to use as a pull quote.


The cover images are various images from inside the book put together. On the front I also added some colour to one of the ladies. On the back the background has a slight texture to look like one of those mats you often see on old writing desks.



A limited amount of these books were produced. It has a thick matt colour cover and black print only on the internal pages. More info and how to buy this book can be found on KCC’s website.


women in kent cover image