February 2011

Advocacy Documents


Update previously designed Library annual report and Archives Vision documents with new case studies and similar and more modern layout. A layout that is suitable for screen reading as there would be no printed copies. The head of Libraries requested more and larger less busy images.



Working with my line manager we came up with a revised layout that was landscape rather than portrait, so that it could be read on screen more easily. My line manager did quite a lot of research on other similar documents for layout and text styles, as well as what sort of things to write about. This meant quite a lot of the text was rewritten as well as the complete revision of layout.


We kept it to a two page spread with a two column intro page on the left and a three column case study page on the right. I used wide column spaces so the text didn’t bleed into itself. The intro pages were all the same with a large red heading and a single paragraph of text, also fairly large and a full sized photo in the right hand column. Each of these photos were painstaking chosen from libraries’ own photo bank and some of them have been edited slightly to represent the text better. Such as page 12 on the right, where it says Mind, Body and Spirit in the middle shelves this was changed from the existing title and some of the bookshelves taken from another photo. I do not edit the people hardly at all, maybe reduce shine and spots so that they don’t stand out so much. Pretty much only things that are not likely to be seen if you were face to face. On the three column pages I’ve placed the images so that they are in different positions in each column to make it visually interesting and on one page I have enlarged to fill two columns. Within this brochure we tried to cover all age groups, some ethnicity and other minority groups.


The Archives Vision document had a similar makeover from portrait to landscape and the same two column intro pages and three column case study pages. Most of the text was updated, so this meant more photo hunting for me.


The little squiggly image on the red strip on this document is a relic from the old version of the document. It is an image extract of an actual archive document. It helps differentiate the two documents, that now look similar.



Electronic PDF only. The full versions can be found on KCC’s Website.

  Libraries Inspire page 1 cover page

Libraries Inspire page 7

Libraries Inspire page 10

Libraries Inspire page 12

Libraries Inspire back page

Archives Vision page 1 cover page

Archives Vision page 10

Archives Vision page 15

Archives Vision back page