April 2011

Kent History and Library Centre hoarding boards


Create two striking boards to encourage passers by to find out about what is being built. All text and building plan supplied. We did discuss whether to aim it at drivers, but we were constrained by the text that had already been agreed by various people involved. The budget only allowed for the printing and of two boards of a certain size.



Because there was already boards up with all the partner logos on, I thought it would be good to leave them off. It gives the location less logo noise and means the text has more impact. So I just used the red strip to match the existing board, which had the connect strip and logos on.


The photo was a libraries photo and is an actual customer from a local school. My manager and I chose it on the basis of fitting the feel of looking and searching. I cut out all the library background for a clean look and we didn’t want give any preconceptions of how the library would look inside. That would be for later publicity.


We did go back to them about the first paragraph which had an extra sentence but was really just fluff and we felt it was an advertising device that didn’t fit with the straightforwardness of the rest of the text and it was making all of the layouts look awkward.


On the homes board, I took one of the architect’s 3D drawings and converted it to a vector and cleaned out some of the detail for a nice clean look. It made sense to position the text next to the relevant building sections. I decided the top text needed to be separated from the image which is why it is in a tinted box. I chose that shade of green as a tint of the green roof and added some black so it wasn’t too overpowering. To make the title more interesting I positioned it at the side instead of above. Then adjusted the leading to make it fit the two adjacent paragraphs.



As we only had a limited budget, we could only have these printed a certain size. They have since reprinted these much larger in-house on banner material and are waiting for permission to hang them.


Kent History and Library Centre hoarding board image

Kent History and Library Centre homes board

Maidstone Library Hoarding boards on location

Maidstone Library hoarding boards on location close up