July 2008

Alexander the frog frisbee design


Design a vector character to go on a Frisbee to give away at the Kent show to promote reading.



Created from a sketch, scanned then traced and coloured in Illustrator. A promotional giveaway for the Kent Show and our Libraries in the Parks promotions. The frog is called Alexander and is reading Lord of the Flies.

I did get kind of carried away with this project and I have a whole back story to the frog character. I sketched a whole set of characters, one for each Library district. Each character has a favourite book, colour, connect strip and a different main interest in library services. Alexander’s focus is just books, he is quite a high brow individual and is always reading something.


Within the design are the numbers of the year 2008, which was the national year of reading. Can you spot them?



This was so successful we had a second batch printed. Just look at that kids grin!


December 2008 and March 2009

Chris and Izzy mascot characters


These two were designed to help staff and customers see how their issues are doing, a bit like the fund-raising thermometers you see on churches and schools.



These characters were deliberately left uncoloured as the staff were going to colour in as their issues went up.


Chris is an earthworm, rather than a bookworm which is well used within book/library designs. I wanted to move away from that cliché. His back story is that he is all about information and is the character that knows everything that is in the library. As earthworm’s are both sexes I needed a name that could be male or female. I came up with Chris as many of Kent’s library staff are called Chris(…tine, …topher, …toph, …tel)


Izzy represents the creative events and activities that libraries run.



Printed in-house on a large format printer in various poster sizes 1 for each library in that district. Chris was for Canterbury libraries and Izzy for Folkestone libraries.


Follow-up work

Izzy was also simplified and stripped back to black to go on a small packet of pencils.


March 2009



Designed from scratch, sketch to vector as part of a series. Tony was designed to go with a treasure hunt around Ramsgate Library.



Ramsgate is in the Margate district of libraries and Margate has a fairly famous shell grotto, which is partly why I chose a crab for this district. Tony’s character is concerned with film and TV, celebrities and personal stories of discovery.



The treasure hunt sheets were printed in the library and given out to children.


Alexander frog illustration

Frog Frisbee


Chris the earth/bookworm

Izzy the octopus


Tony the crab