December 2008 and March 2009

eBooks poster


Create something simple and striking to launch the ebook online service.



I decided to break the design guidelines for this poster. Opting for a poster within a mobile device to show that the document can be read on the device. I created the poster and sent it to various devices and then took photos. In the end I did replace the poster on the final posters for good contrast. We produced two versions one with the Smartphone and another with a laptop.


The QR code was entirely my idea, one I had been itching to use for a while. This job was perfect for it. I spent quite a bit of time doing some research on how it works and what size is best. Then got several people to test it.



We had one for each library printed in a4 and a few a3s for the bigger libraries. Our Suppliers also had some printed for us. We distributed the Smartphone posters to more affluent areas of Kent, with the remaining laptop versions going to the areas that were left. This was from research another section of KCC had been doing on customer profiling.



eBooks poster