March 2009

Launch Pad crew badge


Convert a Summer Reading Scheme alien graphic into something that could be printed in 2 colours. Can it be done today? I dropped everything else I was currently working on.



The image was hand drawn and scanned by the illustrator so I only had jpegs to work with. I chose one that looked like it would convert relatively easily into two colours. I used the trace function in Illustrator and then simplified the details as much as I could. I changed the colours so that they were pure black, white and yellow. I did originally have two tints of yellow but the printing company insisted they were two separate colours even though they were tints of pure yellow. This meant all the shading had to go as well.



Unfortunately I had assumed the badge printers would be printing on white material. As time was short and the graphic would have looked weird if we had stripped out a colour, the team decided to pay for the extra colour.


Summer Reading Scheme Alien - Original illustration


Converted alien on launch pad crew badge