Revised 2009

Donna and Phil couple logo


Design a logo to use on wedding stationery that fits their common interests and personalities. Modern looking logo with a Celtic feel.



After reading up on many logo designs, I decided to have another go at this one as the wedding was put on hold. I am really pleased with the result and so are my brother and his fiancée. It is much classier and the dp will work on its own. They are thinking of putting all their wedding stationery on a memory stick, much to my mum’s disappointment. Has the feel of a photo of the couple at a friends wedding, their looks were a bit Bugsy Malone. dp monogram can be used on it's own.


The first logo I created for my brother and his fiancée was the green one. It is the letters d and p merged together. The Celtic knot work represents Donna’s Irish background, whilst the colours represent Phil’s Scottish ancestry tartan.



    dp logo old version