August 2018

Folkestone Running Medal


Create a medal design, with different backs for lasercutting. Asked for the number 4 and legs running to be part of the design.


While doodling after dinner one night, shortly after receiving the brief. My partner and I came up with the idea of having legs running but in the shape of a 4.

I scanned my rough doodle and tidied it up in Illustrator. The diamond shape fitted the idea of a medal and suited the shape of my running 4 doodle. I thought the date of the run, would look good on the shorts vertically, like you see on many sports shorts.

Instead of making the hole for the ribbon a regular shape, I thought it would be nice for it to look like the t-shirt of the runner, just hanging over the shorts

The red lines are cut lines. The green is an engraved score (more effiecient than a standard engrave). The black is all the engraving.

Follow up

The runners really liked the medals, and several runners who didn't qualify for a medal, wanted to buy their own. The group originally only had enough for the first 100 runners. So we were asked to do a second batch.

Line art for running medal lasercut and engrave Example front and back of running medal Finished running medal