October 2018

Pelican Badge design for lasercutting


Create file that can be lasercut and engraved. The customer had been on holiday with her friends and wanted a badge they could all wear the next time they met up. The holiday was in Dubrovnik and she was thinking of an outline of the country.


I really struggled to get started with this one. Using the outline of Dubrovnik wasn't feeling fun. It didn't give the feel of holidays. So did some research on the place and what was so great about it. This is often my favourite part of design, researching.

I found out that pelican's are the main bird there. This fit the idea of flying off on holiday. Pelican's have a distinctive sound of a honk. This is how Honk Travels was added.

At the same time as designing these I was working on branding and packaging ideas for the lasercutter. It was the first product we packaged. The packaging was to protect the badge in transit

Front of Pelican Badge in packaging Inside of Pelican Badge Packaging Pelican Badge and Packaging Gararune Packaging