June 2012

Vegas/007 40th birthday invite


Create an invite that is simple, classy and invokes images of 007 type gambling. Should be cheap to produce but look expensive. Silver print requested.


I started with a standard decorative border. Then I took an embellishment from the same group as the border. This embellishment I altered to have all of the symbols from a pack of cards.

I kept it quite simple, sticking to the what, when and where principles for events. Leaving the altered embellishment to be the centre of the design.


Production was quite difficult, as the customer wanted silver print. This was quite expensive for the small quantity of invites.

Both the customer and I researched quotes, to no avail. They decided to send most of the invites digitally instead.

At the last minute I found some printable silver and gold paper. So I inverted the design to print black - that's a lot of ink, but it gave her a few to send to her none digital guests.

40th vegas party invite Close up of graphic designed on vegas party invitation