November 2010

Save the Date — Celtic


Design a modern save the date card for a couple who have only decided on a date, but no other details. Use the couple logo I’ve already designed for them. Include something that shows the couple’s shared Celtic heritage. Wording was up to me.



To bring in the Celtic history of the couple I have created a border design which uses 4 hearts to make a shamrock inside a Celtic style knot work. The text is set in a modern style and is has some humour that fits their personalities. I chose the blue and silver as typical wedding colours. The couple have now updated to green for the Groom's ancestral tartan and the Bride's Irish shamrock. This invite could be used with a site such as which will save the couple sending out further stationery, so saving them money.



Suggest they print on standard 4'x6' photo paper and use matching blue envelopes, which can be found at any local stationery shop.

  Celtic save the date wedding invite

Celtic heart shamrock in knotwork detail