February 2010 (and 2011)

LGBT Month Large format posters and banner designs


Create Pop-up banners and A2/A1 posters to celebrate LGBT month, using our purple project strip. Text, book covers, author photo and quote all supplied. Books shown are ones the author recommends.


On these I worked from the purple as inspiration and added boxes in a tint of this and then chose a contrasting pale lime to highlight the books and make sure any they didn’t blend into the background. Each author chose a specific book to comment about and decided to sit these on top of their names with an overlap as if it were on a photo stand. All of the book covers are the same width to provide some symmetry and I arranged them so that the colours of them didn’t blend into the adjacent books.


Printed in-house on poster paper and banners on thin plastic and fixed into portable pop-up cartridges. A5 booklists were also produced.

Follow-up work

This set of two authors was added to for this year with another two authors. Paul Burston liked his banner so much he had his photo taken next to it!

Paul Burston Banner for LGBT month inspiring reads Sarah Waters poster for LGBT month inpiring reads