September 2010

Autumn leaves invitation


Create a wedding reception a5 invitation, decoration at the venue will be autumn leaves to represent the fact that the couple are older and the event is in the autumn too.



Initially I struggled to come up with ideas for this, as I couldn't get past the fact they wanted dead leaves to celebrate a new relationship. I was looking at it from the wrong perspective. So I did some research for inspiration, it is quite a popular theme for wedding invites. My new perspective was to think more along the lines of romantic walks and a party atmosphere, which is where I came up with the solution of leaves in autumn colours blowing in the wind like confetti or streamers. I added a stylised photo of the couple as well. The bride was thrilled with the result.



These were printed on cream card two invites from one sheet of a4. They fit inside a standard a5 envelope.


Follow-up work

I created a version of this invite in my Zazzle store, which won a Today's Best award and I have had a couple of sales from it too.

    Autumn leaves wedding reception invite