September 2010

Art Deco star invitations and placecards


Design invitations and place cards for a small family gathering. Venue was in the Star room in a 1920s styled hotel, so client was thinking that an art deco style would be nice. Maybe something with their star signs incorporated. The groom requested Chelsea blue as one of the colours.



I started from the star, I had a photo of the room which has a star on the ceiling. My partner actually got involved in this job and he designed several different kinds of stars. While he did this I researched this difference between art deco and art nouveau and found out what shade Chelsea blue is.


Art Deco is actually quite a minimalist geometric style, so I decided to keep the invites quite basic and place more emphasis on the actual shape of the cards. I decided to go for a square style invitation the size that would fit in a CD envelope. The groom is a scaffolder so I focussed on design elements that you are likely to see on art deco buildings. As there were only going to be a few I thought a quite detailed cut would look nice. The invite interlocks so that one star sits exactly on top of the other.


Zodiac signs and constellations

I got a little carried away designing the zodiac symbols and constellations, astrology is a hobby of mine. I decided to create one for each of the 12 symbols and a card that combined both sign and constellation. I created each sign using basic geometric shapes, you can see that most of each design is made from circles and parts of circles.


When I researched the constellations of star signs. I didn't expect them to be so varied. Constellations are open to interpretation. This is mostly because they are 2D (dimensional) and space is 3, 4 or even 5D. So these days constellations have as much to do with astronomy as astrology. Not to mention the fact that star signs are now out of sync with their original months. They also look different depending on which part of the world you are.


You can read more these blog posts.



Print set up to get one invite and three place cards from one sheet of a4. 8 sheets were printed on sparkly paper and hand-cut for 18 guests.


Follow-up work

The couple were having their reception the following month, so I designed the invitation for that too. See the autumn invite.


The full set of zodiac signs and constellations are available free for non-profit use on my Facebook page.

  Art deco star square wedding invite closed

Art Deco Star wedding invite

Art deco Zodiac Signs

Art deco star square wedding invite inside

Art deco star square wedding invite outside