I first got into these after seeing a book called Wordplay by John Langdon (2005). He created the ambigrams for Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons. I found them totally fascinating.

My process

I create my ambigrams by first sketching possible solutions. Then I look for a typeface that has most letters to fit one of those solutions and hopefully characterises the person or the word.

I use Illustrator to create them in black first, so that I can see how well the word works. I try not to deviate too far from the original letter, and make changes/additions using parts of other characters in the same typeface. I stay away from blackletter and gothic fonts, that are popular with other ambigram artists. My priority is to have something that is easy to read.


Single names

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Alice Ambigram  Amira Ambigram Ashley Ambigram
Dean Ambigram

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Em ambigram  Emma Ambigram  Evette Ambigram
Gary Ambigram Gill Ambigram Glynis Ambigram

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Javien ambigram  Joe Ambigram Jonathan Ambigram
Kai Ambigram Karen Ambigram

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Laurien Ambigram Luigi Ambigram
Martin AmbigramMary Ambigram Miranda Ambigram Monique ambigram Moochie ambigram

Monique said "I love it!! Thank you sooo much!! It’s awesome! :D"

John Langdon said "Monique is superb! Beautiful!"

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Nancy Ambigram Nigel Ambigram

Nancy will be used as a logo, so please don’t copy. 

Peggy Ambigram Pepper Ambigram Phil Ambigram

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Rachel Ambigram Ryan Ambigram
Sara Ambigram

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Ambigram Valery
Zoe Ambigram

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Two names

Also known as symbiotograms — one name turning into another.

Lewis into Liam ambigram Holly into Geoff ambigram Ambigram of Daniel into Robert Script ambigram of Daniel into Robert

Two versions of sons names one for each parent.

Matt/Tram ambigram Angel/Carlie ambigram Sarah Louise ambigram Aiden rotated into Conner Ambigram Ryan Rhenn ambigram

My first intentional perceptual shift ambigram.


Robyn rotated into Carys ambigram

My first commission tattooed on her foot. My customer said "Wow – words fail me, that is exactly what I was looking for. Absolutely stunning!"

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Get the quality

You can use any of these ambigrams for free, but they are only web size and if you enlarge them they will look awful. Why not buy a high quality version, available as a high resolution JPEG (a4 300dpi) or the original editable Illustrator EPS


Ambigram type
State word(s)
Beloved Friend ambigram Bing Ambigram Cool ambigram Heart Ambigram HI Ambigram History Ambigram Library Ambigram Library Ambigram Magic Ambigram Rebel Ambigram Samsung Ambigram zodiac ambigram


aries ambigram Taurus ambigram gemini ambigram cancer ambigram leo ambigram Virgo Ambigram Libra ambigram